About us

The Weather Eye Radio Network is the leader in custom tailored weather services for radio stations throughout the Upper Midwest, and across the country.

Our customers receive daily forecasts, detailed market specific weather reports and personalized severe weather coverage. We utilize innovative technology to disseminate our content directly into our affiliate stations automation system, and offer hourly updates with current conditions. Our severe weather coverage has earned us numerous awards that total more than our top competitors combined! Our most recent advancement includes content for Spanish speaking radio stations.

In addition to our radio network, we also forecast for utility and energy trading companies across the country. Golf courses and outdoor recreation centers also rely on us for specific weather and severe alerts. For the most accurate and up to the minute weather online, the Weather Eye Desktop offers the five-day forecast, weather graphics, current conditions, local radar and timely severe weather alerts. Best of all, its free!

Our team of meteorologists work together to give our customers the most accurate forecast available. We constantly monitor conditions throughout the day, and use sophisticated technology to ensure our clients receive reliable information for daily planning. Meet our staff